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The box was designed keeping in mind the mystery behind the doors of the royal fort of Mehrangarh in the city of Jodhpur.


The container contains of two beautifully carved panels on the top, which act as an opening similar to the doors of the fort and are attached together to the body by keeping in mind the traditional joints and joineries used in the old fort.


The motifs carved on the opening panels are inspired from the famous 6 petal flower popularly worn in the ear by the men in the Bishnoi community of Jodhpur.


The box opens to a blue interior depicting - Jodhpur as a " Blue City " in all its splendid beauty as seen from the fort and creates a visual interplay of tecture and color. 




पेटी  | Product Interaction 


Floral Tea Bag Clip


To enhance the experience of the consumer , an interesting detail product was added to the the box . The floral clip, works on the torsion spring mechanism , and holds the Tea sachet in place avoidding accidental slipping while making the cup look aesthetically beautiful .

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